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You must prepare for your new Puppy's arrival by obtaining the essentials before bringing the Puppy home. You will need: - .    Food and Water Bowls(I prefer stainless steel - they are a bit more expensive but they last for many years.  I find plastic bowls tend to get chewed up or break very easily) 

Puppy Food 

A Collar(I do not use a slip chain (choker)) at first I recommend the adjustable webbing collars that way you only have to buy two collars one for the puppy stage and one for the young adult stage) - slip collars can be purchased later after the puppy gets used to being lead on the normal collar.

Lead(I recommend a material one) .  

Brush and a stripper brush(I prefer a harder bristle brush and instead of a stripper brush you can use a hack saw blade which works just as well) 

A few hard rubber toys(I normally purchase a couple of dog squeaky toys...make sure the squeaker is on the inside of the toy or it may pop out into your puppy's mouth and throat) .

A few soft toys(I normally do a trip to St Vincent De Pauls or Good Will and purchase some old toys and shoes for the puppy to play with...do not give it your old shoes as it won't be able to distinguish your old from your new! .

Some Large Bones and/or Rawhide Chews for the puppy to chew on.   

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