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CARRIER - a secure, covered wire or plastic pet carrier – I prefer the hard plastic as these are much safer than the soft sided ones for travelling.   I also prefer them to be covered and not open wire so your Cat feels safe inside.

LITTER TRAY - a good sized plastic litter tray – I prefer them to be quite deep so the litter doesn’t get spread everywhere you can however use the ones with a clip on cover – but if it has a swing door you will have to take the door off until your Cat gets use to using it’s new litter tray. You can chose from wood, paper or clumping cat litter as your Cat has used all of these so it is your own personal preference as to what you use.    I personally prefer clumping cat litter as I find it does keep the smell to a minimum – the only negative thing I can say about clumping litter is that it is normally quite dusty (unless you buy the expensive brand).

COLLAR – If you do buy a collar for your Cat make sure it is a proper quick release cat one with elastic so that it cannot get itself caught up and hang itself.   I prefer Cats not to wear collars at all – your Cat is microchipped so it can be identified if it does happen to become lost. Do not use collars on very young Cats (under 6 months). Make sure two fingers can slip underneath – but not too lose as he may get it caught in his mouth or put his front leg through it.

IDENTIFICATION – if you are intending to put a collar on your cat/kitten a metal engraved tag, bearing your Cat’s name, phone number and your vet’s phone number. As stated your Cat is microchipped as an extra precaution.   I would also not recommend a collar on any kitten under 6 months old.

BEDDING - either a comfy cat bed or simply a basket or box with a cushion or blanket (they love the feel of soft polar fleece or micro fibre blankets).  Make sure you wash and treat the bedding for fleas on a regular basis.   Most Mists would prefer to sleep on your bed or your lap as they do like your company and to be close

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